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Hold your own bitcoin without worrying about loss or theft.
Casa Multisig protects your bitcoin with multiple keys, so losing one key doesn't mean losing funds.
Avoid Single Points of Failure
Wallets? Exchanges? Most aren’t secure enough for your bitcoin.
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You hold the key, but if you lose that key, you’ve lost your bitcoin. A single mistake means your hard-earned savings disappear.
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Exchanges hold your bitcoin key for you, so your account is susceptible to hacks, phishing, or insider theft.
Casa is the world’s first personal key manager.
It’s a simple, secure way to hold your own keys with peace of mind that your bitcoin is safe. Here’s how we do it.
Most wallets are a single point of failure.
Most wallets use only one key, which doesn’t adequately protect your bitcoin from loss or theft. If you lose that key, your bitcoin is gone.
Single point of failure wallet illustration
Casa makes your bitcoin resilient.
Casa Multisig protects your bitcoin with multiple keys, each stored on a separate device for extra protection.
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Lose a key? Not a problem.
Three keys protect your bitcoin, but you only need two to spend it. A lost key doesn’t mean lost bitcoin, since you still have two keys left.
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Designed to be durable.
If you do lose a key or have one stolen, you can swap it out for a new one. Simply transfer your bitcoin to the new, healthy set of keys using your two remaining keys from the initial set. Casa App walks you through it all, step by step.
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Your bitcoin. Always protected.
Now you’re back to full health, and your bitcoin is once again fully protected.
Bitcoin secured by multisig illustration
Why stop there? We didn’t.
At our Platinum and Diamond levels, more keys safeguard your bitcoin for even better protection against loss, theft, and disasters.
Add more keys to your multisig illustration
Casa Multisig protects you in three ways.
Casa key healthy illustration
Most bitcoin wallets only require 1 key to send bitcoin. Casa uses multiple keys which makes your money extra safe and secure.
Coldcard, Trezor, Ledger illustration
Each key is held on a different device—a mix of your phone and offline hardware wallets. Casa supports wallets from Trezor, Ledger, and Coldcard.
Map showing distributed keys
Each key is stored in a different location. That makes it nearly impossible for a thief or natural disaster to cause you to lose more than one key at a time.
Check our Wealth Security Protocol for an in-depth explanation of our security model.
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